HLB Cybersecurity Report 2022

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HLB Cybersecurity Report 2022 Hidden risks in cyber-defence: laying a foundation for effective cyber security risk mitigation Cyber security has become an important issue for every organisation in today’s digitally connected world. Awareness and understanding of the risks and appropriate responses is critical for everyone from the board of directors to the entry-level employees. This need extends to vendors, suppliers … Read More

Achieving net zero: impacts and opportunities for business

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Achieving net zero: impacts and opportunities for business HLB Net Zero Report 2022 The next round of climate change talks at COP27 in November will push countries to move away from pledges, and into concrete action against climate change. At HLB we are well aware that the journey for business to net zero is as challenging as it is daunting. … Read More

Veterinary Practice Survey 2021-22

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Veterinary Practice Survey 2021-22 Experience At HLB Ireland, we have carried out an in-depth piece of research in conducting our fifth consecutive annual report on veterinary practices throughout Ireland. We have over 45 years of experience in servicing the veterinary sector and have a unique understanding of the current challenges and opportunities posed within this sector. The Research Consistent with … Read More

HLB Cybersecurity Report 2021

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HLB Cybersecurity Report 2021 Threat or opportunity? Addressing the cyber-risk landscape in the age of hybrid work As we emerge from lockdowns and government restrictions caused by COVID-19, more companies across the globe are adopting hybrid working models. In doing so, CTO’s and IT management face increased risks and vulnerabilities from cyber-attacks and data breaches. Is your organisation ready to … Read More