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Arts & Entertainment

The Arts and Entertainment Industry is as vibrant as ever and growing globally. However, convergence influenced by massive technological advancements has encouraged companies and businesses to think dynamically in order to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a solid customer base.

HLB Ireland combines a wealth of experience with a progressive and forward-thinking approach, to offer practical and effective solutions for Theatrical, TV and Film productions as well as tailored specialist services for professionals with creative talents. Our partnership with the HLB International network also ensures our clients have access to world class consultation from a team of international business advisors.

Arts & Entertainment Challenges

Understanding VAT in the Arts can be a challenge, due to variable rates, multiple layers of exemptions and the introduction of new schemes and benefits in recent years.

Our team of specialist advisors to professionals and business in the Arts and Entertainment Industry draw on over 20 years of experience and an astute knowledge of changing legislation, to provide clients with robust guidance on VAT in the Arts.

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