Is your strategy sustainable?

HLB Sustainability Report 2021

A three-step framework to develop your sustainability strategy

From the obvious physical effects of climate change such as extreme weather conditions and resource scarcity, to regulatory changes and compliance, and increased demand for sustainability from consumers: the climate crisis has a clear and direct impact on business and business costs. Our new sustainability report “Is your strategy sustainable?” outlines a three-step roadmap to help businesses develop their sustainability strategy and explores the technologies that can help at each stage.

How do you reroute your business strategy towards sustainability and eventual de-carbonisation? Start with small but decisive actions and follow our three-step roadmap.

  • Step one –taking a snapshot of your baseline

  • Step two – targeting a sustainable business model

  • Step three – monitoring and reporting to realise a sustainable vision

Within each step of the journey we’ve highlighted some practical actions you can take to support new strategic objectives, as well as boosting your bottom line. The report also includes key sustainability and technology questions to help you understand your starting point, transform and reshape your business, and measure and report on progress to stay on track.


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