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Tax compliance is an important consideration for businesses and individuals in what is an ever more complex Irish taxation system. It is essential that taxpayers are tax compliant on an ongoing basis so as to ensure they are not exposed to penalties and do not increase their risk of tax audits. A good tax compliance record should result in beneficial outcomes in terms of reduced time spent dealing with tax audits and enquiries, and the stress that is involved with same.

The main tax compliance areas are:

  • Income Tax: preparation and filing of annual personal tax returns and advising on related tax payment requirements.
  • Corporation Tax: preparation and filing of annual corporate tax returns, third party information returns and dividend withholding tax returns.
  • VAT: preparation and filing of bi-monthly VAT returns and year end annual return of trading details.
  • Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT): advising on the correct operation of RCT with regard to registration of contracts, authorisation of supplier payments, etc.
  • Payroll: operation of payroll on behalf of clients.

How we can help

HLB Ireland has been servicing our clients’ needs for over 40 years and we have been advising them on their tax compliance requirements for decades.

We provide an expert team, with a single point of contact, that will help guide you through your tax compliance obligations. We can review the way your business manages its tax obligations, identify opportunities for savings or cashflow benefits, and help implement changes that make a real difference.


If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your Tax Compliance requirements and how we can help please contact us.

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