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What is Risk Assurance?

Risk assurance covers a broad-spectrum of services including internal audit, control analysis and benchmarking processes. Fundamentally, it is the exercise in which the different processes, procedures and operations of your business are analysed to assess the specific risks associated with your business. This assessment can help you respond effectively, enabling confident decision making that builds business resilience and supports growth.

How we can help

The business environment of today is more connected but also more complex, meaning businesses are continuously faced with new unknown risks. However, with new risks there are new opportunities.

Our experienced team is equipped to help you identify risks and ultimately capitalise on the opportunities. We take a different approach to risk, moving from being reactive and compliance-driven, to being proactive and exploiting risk as a strategic performance driver.

We help our clients review, analyse, design, implement and improve business processes, policies, systems and controls, through the delivery of specific services outlined as follows:

  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Design robust business processes
  • Risk Identification and Preparing Registers
  • Risk Consulting

Why HLB Ireland

We understand your need for a tailored service that responds to the challenges of an evolving business landscape. HLB Ireland’s experienced team of advisors provide expert advice and critical support to clients, enabling them to navigate risk, improve their processes and grow their business.

Our clients operate in a broad range of sectors including Construction, Food & Agribusiness, Hospitality and Retail. In order to provide a best-in-class service, we continuously keep ourselves up-to-speed with sector-specific challenges that impact on businesses.

As well as undertaking regular training to stay on top of new legislation and procedures, we are proud to invest in our people and our processes to remain agile and ahead of the curve.


If you would like to speak to one of our partners about your business and specifically about Risk, you can contact us today to arrange a meeting or schedule a call. We would be happy to hear from you.

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