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The Importance of FDD

If you’re considering investing in or acquiring a business, then it is vital to have confidence in the figures that are being provided. Most investment decisions are made on the strength of the financial results and forecasts. The financial due diligence involves having an independent third party review to scrutinise the accounting information, ensuring that it stands up and there are no black holes. A professional analysis of the business should help identify and assess any important financial risks.


  • Our approach is to understand the business and review the figures within the context of the industry and the prevailing economic climate whilst assessing risk and reasonableness.
  • The focus of each engagement is tailored to address the specific circumstances of the target. This allows us to address your key questions and confirm whether your investment rationale is robust.
  • Having a methodical and tested approach to the Due Diligence process provides for an efficient and reliable result with minimum disruption to the business.
  • We also recognise the importance of communication and will make you aware of any major issues or concerns as they arise so there are no surprises at the end of the process.
  • The result is a report, complied with pragmatism and commercial insight, that gives you a comprehensive insight into the financials of your target.
  • Through the HLB network with member firms in over 150 countries we can support our clients on transactions both in Ireland and across the world.

Why HLB Ireland

HLB Ireland has successfully advised SMEs for more than 40 years with their M&A activities. Our team of experts, with a single point of contact assigned, will help to make the due diligence process as smooth as possible drawing on their years of practical experience.


If you are considering an acquisition and would like to discuss the Financial Due Diligence process please contact us.

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